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What is the SCIIF?

SCIIF is the Skunkworks for Competitive Intelligence Innovation in Federal Contracting, and we exist to empower the growth of U.S. communities, companies and their people through government contracting.
SCIIF education, professional development and credential programs are founded in our decades of acquired experience, and ongoing knowledge exchange with experts from Acquisition, Contracting, Policy, Program and Supplier communities. We and our team members are practitioners, innovators and thought-leaders of market research for agencies and business development lifecycle tactics and tools for vendors. We are a leader in cultivating knowledge that empowers Government and Industry stakeholders to achieve goals of importance.





As competition, the cost of doing business and the risk associated with government contracting continues to rise, so does the importance of well-trained federal sector Business Development Analysts. 

Create and Nurture BD
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The ability to develop a Strategy, conduct Marketing, execute Business Development and Capture and manage and write Proposals, directly impacts if and how you find and win federal sector business opportunities.

Essential Innovations to BD Life Cycle Success

Interactive online and on-location executive cohort providing impactful and practical advisory and education to business leaders pursuing contracts in support of civilian, defense and intelligence agency mission requirements.

Wingman Will Help You SOARR in GovCon

Hosted every Wednesday in Columbia, MD, BoB is our primary networking and information exchange for govcon stakeholders new and already connected to SCIIF. This is where useful insights and relationships are developed.

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