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What is the SCIIF?

SCIIF is the Skunkworks for Competitive Intelligence Innovation in Federal Contracting 
and our mission is helping individuals and organizations to win in federal contracting.
SCIIF education, professional development and credential programs are founded in our decades of acquired experience and ongoing knowledge exchange with experts from the Acquisition, Contracting, Policy, Program and Supplier communities. We are practitioners, innovators and thought-leaders of market research for agencies and business development lifecycle tactics and tools for vendors. We are a recognized leader in cultivating knowledge that empowers Government and Industry stakeholders to achieve their important goals.





This is where novices and industry veterans access ground truth, evolve their tactics and get tools to strengthen how they achieve results greater than the capabilities and expectations of current industry best practices.

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Committed to helping today's leaders be their best while proactively cultivating leaders of tomorrow. Government Contracting may be common ground, initially, but topics far beyond traditional 'GovCon Talk' are what draws leaders from many different walks of life.

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