The Complete FPDS-NG eWorkshop

a Comprehensive Self-Paced Video Training

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When You Learn to Exploit FPDS-NG, You Increase Your Ability to Find and Win Contracts and Subcontracts.

The Federal Procurement Data System-Next Generation is a powerful resource and tool. It's so powerful the Government uses parts of FPDS-NG to power systems such as USASpending.govInteragency Contract Directory (ICD), FAPIIS and more!

It's so powerful, commercial companies collect information from FPDS-NG (or in many cases, from which contains a less timely portion of FPDS-NG data) as a core part of the information set presented in their fee-based subscriptions. 

FPDS-NG training is a component of our Ethical Stalking for Government Contractors 2-Day Bootcamps and coupled with the other tactics and tools, represents a game-changer for how companies develop intelligence on federal sector opportunities. 

This is a 3-hour, self-paced video tutorial delivered in 30 video segments. Topics covered in this program include:

  • ezSearch
  • Standard Reports
  • Ad Hoc Query Tool
  • Pivot Tables

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