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The SCIIF team and some of our partners will venture to North Central Pennsylvania to facilitate a half-day education and training program on May 7th, hosted by the good folks at North Central PTAC. After the Pre-Workshop Breakfast, hosted and sponsored by my friend Ed DeLisle, Principal and Chair of the Government Contracting Group at Offit Kurman (who is hosting and sponsoring several of our Ethical Stalking for Government Contractors 2-Day Bootcamps this year), we'll offer up a comprehensive discussion called the Finding and Winning Simplified Acquisitions Workshop.

This blog series is dedicated to providing information about spending where Simplified Acquisitions are the purchase method and Pennsylvania is the place of performance.

As a side note, if you are confused about the terminology 'agencies' when the last article was about 'departments,' let me take a moment to provide clarity. When looking at the Federal government, the language used to describe the different types of governmental entities is "agencies, boards and commissions" which readily covers they types of organizations found in all three branches of government, as well as the independent and quasi-government entities. When reviewing information specifically attributed to contracting and funding activities, particularly in tools such as FPDS-NG or USASpending, the nomenclature applied to the different levels is as below with examples:

  • Contracting/Funding Department (HHS; DHS; Smithsonian; SEC)
  • Contracting/Funding Agency (FDA; Coast Guard; Smithsonian; SEC)
  • Contracting/Funding Office (75F401-FDA Office of Acquisition and Grant Services; 70Z023 - USCG HQ Contract Operations; 333147 - National Air and Space Museum; 503102 - Securities and Exchange Commission)

The numeric or alpha-numeric designation preceding the names of the contracting offices are the prefix to the contract numbers issued on agreements, contracts and orders placed by agencies. 

During fiscal year 2018, 105 contracting agencies played a role in the $850M in simplified acquisition dollars impacting Pennsylvania. Of those 105 agencies, 33 of them obligated $1M or more. The top 10 contracting agencies are:

  1. Defense Logistics Agency
  2. Navy
  3. Veterans Affairs
  4. Army
  5. Federal Prison System
  6. Defense Information Systems Agency
  7. Social Security Administration
  8. Air Force
  9. National Institutes of Health
  10. Coast Guard

These ten agencies account for $771M of the total FY18 Simplified Acquisition spend for Pennsylvania.

Coming up next, what contract types agencies used (Hint: GSA Schedules and contract vehicles, in general, are not a big deal here).


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