Federal Agency Spending via Simplified Acquisitions in Pennsylvania - Totals

The SCIIF team and some of our partners will venture to North Central Pennsylvania to facilitate a half-day education and training program on May 7th, hosted by the good folks at North Central PTAC. After the Pre-Workshop Breakfast, hosted and sponsored by my friend Ed DeLisle, Principal and Chair of the Government Contracting Group at Offit Kurman (who is hosting and sponsoring several of our Ethical Stalking for Government Contractors 2-Day Bootcamps this year), we'll offer up a comprehensive discussion called the Finding and Winning Simplified Acquisitions Workshop.

This blog series is dedicated to providing information about spending where Simplified Acquisitions are the purchase method and Pennsylvania is the place of performance.

I won't go into the background of Simplified Acquisitions in these articles because I'll discuss it at the workshop. You can also click here to view one of my previous pieces about FASA and Simplified Acquisitions.

Let's begin. Federal agencies went bonkers processing Simplified Acquisition purchases in fiscal year 2018, increasing the total spend by nearly $3B over the previous fiscal year. That's a big deal for many reasons. The net effect of that for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania was $850 million in streamlined purchases for a variety of goods and services by 37 different federal agencies and more than 100 different sub-agencies, bureaus and operating divisions within those agencies.

For additional clarification, this total is based on buys where Pennsylvania was identified as the primary place of performance. What this means is that PA was the sole location or one of many for each agreement, contract, delivery order or task order issued. That location may have been a vendor location, an agency location or other. It also means the orders placed may have come from an agency activity in or outside of the state. During the May 7th workshop, we'll share information with attendees about spending when agencies were physically located in Pennsylvania and when vendors were located there, regardless of agency location. The numbers will look different for each scenario.

The $850M obligated in FY2018 impacted 630 cities in Pennsylvania. That is, the transactions occurring last fiscal year included the names of these locations in the order details. Vendors located in 109 of these cities realized obligations of at least $1 million for a total of $782M.

The top 10 cities by obligation totals are:

  • Fairless Hills ($118M)
  • Philadelphia ($68M)
  • Pittsburgh ($40M)
  • Warminster ($34M)
  • Mechanicsburg ($21M)
  • Somerset ($21M)
  • Ridley Park ($20M)
  • York ($19M)
  • Malvern ($18M)
  • York Haven ($14M)

Keep in mind that these locations only reflect the place of performance and that may be attributed to the location of the agency, the vendor or other. We'll have more granular detail at the May 7th workshop.

My next entry will take a look at which agencies at the department level (DoD vs Army) were putting contract dollars in play via Simplified Acquisitions.




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