XPRT™ Conversation: The Direction is Onward!

govcon onward resilience xprt Apr 15, 2020

Here's where it all started for XPRT™ Conversations!

Government Contracting is a tangible challenge that tests our mettle in normal times. Compounding it with an unprecedented health crisis that brings everything to a literal halt makes knowing how to react and respond and, well, you get the idea. Survival and figuring out how to move forward is top of mind for companies and the people and families behind them which is why we're sitting down (virtually, of course) with someone who knows about moving ahead.

Our XPRT guest is Emily Harman, CPCM, a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and retired Naval officer. Emily is also the former Department of Navy Director of Small Business Programs. She is currently president of Emily Harman Coaching and Consulting and creator and host of the Onward Podcast - Authentic Conversations on Facing Adversity.

What is an XPRT™ Conversation?

A discussion where XPRT Collective™ members and their guests share insights and knowledge to answer important questions submitted by Government and Industry stakeholders of federal contracting.


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