Bootcamp CX is 6-months of learning and doing that includes:

2-Day Immersion
GovCon Geek Squad

What is Ethical Stalking for Government Contractors™
Complete Bootcamp Experience (Bootcamp CX)?

Bootcamp CX supercharges you to recognize federal contracting terminology, employ tactics and tools more confidently and make decisions about strategy, marketing, business development, capture and proposal management better and sooner.

This program is 6-months of group accountability and action planning (CX ReBoot) and continued professional development (CX AIT) kicked off by our signature 2-day training for federal contractors, the CX 2-Day Immersion (onsite and online programs available).

Bootcamp graduates tell us Ethical Stalking for Government Contractors™ contributes to:

  • reduced cost and risk of doing business;
  • increased efficiency establishing and implementing business development processes;
  • increased practical industry knowledge in less time, and;
  • increased likelihood of 'getting in front of opportunities' and achieving favorable outcomes.

What’s included in Bootcamp CX?

The entire Bootcamp CX program consists of the following on-location and online elements:


Bootcamp CX Intake

Upon completing registration for Bootcamp CX, you will be granted access to online information resources developed to help you maximize the upcoming professional and relationship development opportunities. The resources include a welcome video, video and podcast snippets from instructors and Bootcamp alumni and recommended reading. There will also be some homework for you to complete just ahead of your 2-Day Immersion, information that will create customized takeaways for you and your fellow 2-Day Immersion participants.

Bootcamp CX 2-Day Immersion

This part of the Bootcamp CX program was formally established in 2011. The framework used to structure the program was created in 2004 and the knowledge and tactics are rooted in real-world experiences dating back to the 1980’s.

The Bootcamp CX 2-Day Immersion is the cornerstone of Bootcamp CX. For two days, you and your classmates will participate on-location in a dynamic and high-intensity learning program that exerts both your physical and mental resources. The program fosters camaraderie over meals and over classwork and nurtures participants with a blend of new and traditional information, tactics and tools. We facilitate discussions about terms seen and heard every day but rarely discussed in a way that exposes federal contractors to their actual meaning and purpose.

The 2-Day Immersion provides an introduction and realignment of essential information that is often overlooked but key to developing a more clear view of the federal contracting landscape. After discussions, hands-on exercises and reveals, the 2-Day Immersion concludes with each participant developing general and individual and company-specific next steps  towards increasing the accuracy and productivity of their business development efforts.

Bootcamp CX ReBoot

ReBoot is a continuation of ‘next steps’ exclusively for Bootcamp CX participants.  This is an online refresher program, blended with accountability exercises that result in the development of an action plan. Presented quarterly, the ReBoot is an interactive program blending self-study and instructor-led activities. Each Bootcamp CX participant has two opportunities to participate in ReBoot.

Bootcamp CX AIT

In the U.S. Army, AIT (Advanced Individual Training) is what follows Basic Combat Training or "boot camp." Our 2-Day Immersion is chock full of tactics, terminology and tools that for many participants are new because it’s the first time they’ve heard them, or new because it’s the first-time the actual meanings and uses have been described in detail. Bootcamp CX AIT is continued learning in the form of short and to-the-point online video tutorials presented twice monthly following the completion of the Bootcamp CX 2-Day Immersion.

GovCon Geek Squadâ„¢

GovCon Geek Squad is an online starting point and a continuation of our Ethical Stalking for Government Contractors™ Bootcamp programs. This is self-paced and drip content for continuing professional development and professional certification of federal sector growth professionals.


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