BOOSTcamps and Bootcamps and LaunchPads (Oh My!)

Ethical Stalking for Government Contractors™ is WHAT the ‘dots’ mean. WHY they matter. WHERE and WHEN to find them and HOW to connect them to win in federal contracting.℠

ESGC LaunchPad™ Programs

Even though the name infers 'starting point' our LaunchPad topics are not just for beginners. Just as many veterans of federal contracting (Government and Industry) tell us they come away fueled with new and relevant information each time. Let's get started!

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ESGC BOOSTcamp™ Programs

Going to the next level is what BOOSTcamps do best! These are structured explorations into processes, terms and tools used by Government and Industry when shaping and understanding requirements, identifying viable partners and developing the most effective acquisition and pursuit strategies!

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ESGC Bootcamp™ Programs

Some of the most incredible feedback we receive is from industry veterans telling us how much time and money they will save as a result of Bootcamp and how this information would have helped them find and win more opportunities when they first started.

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