BOOSTcamps and Bootcamps and LaunchPads (Oh My!)

Ethical Stalking for Government Contractors™ is WHAT the ‘dots’ mean. WHY they matter. WHERE and WHEN to find them and HOW to connect them to win in federal contracting.℠

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ESGC Complete Bootcamp Experience™ (Bootcamp CX™)

Based on our signature 2-day immersion program, Bootcamp CX takes a great program and makes it better with instructor-led and self-paced learning (on-location and online), structured accountability and action plans to help novices and industry veterans elevate their knowledge, skills and results!

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ESGC Leader's Bootcamp™

Effective results requires effective leadership especially in federal sector business development. Based on years of observing business leaders being somewhat involved or entirely disconnected from their company's growth engine. ESGC Leader's Bootcamp helps executives optimize their organization's knowledge, processes and results.

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ESGC Simplified Acquisitions Bootcamp™ (SAP Bootcamp™)

ESGC SAP Bootcamp takes participants on a street-level journey of federal agency use of this streamlined purchase method with step-by-step instruction, accountability and action plans for acquiring and leveraging information and relationships key to finding, qualifying and winning business these opportunities.

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