The Simplified Acquisitions Complete Bootcamp Experience is:

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Simplified Acquisitions Complete Bootcamp Experience 

Our virtual Simplified Acquisitions Complete Bootcamp Experience or SAP Bootcamp CX-Virtual, is a comprehensive education, training and coaching program for novice and experienced executives and professionals of federal sector Business Development, Marketing and Sales.

The program begins with participants being guided to establish a timely and relevant understanding of the streamlined purchasing tactic federal agencies use to procure goods and services valued at more than $25 billion dollars (as of FY 2019) that also features an inherent preference for agencies to engage small business concerns. Purchases made using the Simplified Acquisition Procedures continue to realize average growth of more than one billion dollars per fiscal year going back to FY 2010. 

SAP Bootcamp CX-Virtual is knowledge, relationship and skills development hosted in a small group-setting and facilitated over a period of sixty-two days. The program objective is for each participant to achieve an actionable familiarity with the processes, tactics, terminology and tools presented and achieve the confidence to apply them in finding and winning related business opportunities. 

Upon completion of the Virtual 2-Day Immersion and creation of their initial action items, participants are granted access to LaunchPad and Advanced Information Training (AIT) content, accessible online 24/7. This content extends the learning started in the 2-Day Immersion and continues the development of mental and muscle memory related to identifying SAP opportunities. Thirty (30) days after completion of the 2-Day Immersion, participants are invited to attend SAP ReBoot, an online group check-in that serves as a refresher, progress check and creation of their next round of action items. This is repeated a second time, thirty days later. The completion of the second SAP ReBoot represents the end of each SAP Bootcamp CX-Virtual.



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